Top Ten Green Auto Repair Practices

Good Housekeeping & Pollution Prevention

  • Minimize the liquids you use and discharge. Clean up spills immediately and use dry clean-up practices.
  • Cut out the use of absorbent (kitty litter, rice hulls, and dry sweep).Instead use a squeegee and dust pan or an oil mop.
  • Replace your petroleum naphtha solvent sink with an aqueous-based sink or parts washer.

Solid Waste Reduction

  • Order recycling containers for newspapers, cardboard, plastic, and glass.
  • Order motor oil, anti-freeze, and other fresh fluids in bulk, rather than in multiple, individual containers.

Energy Savings & Water Savings

  • Eliminate the use of spray cans. Replace with brake cleaning sinks or refillable spray containers.
  • Replace T-12 bulbs and fixtures with T-8s whenever feasible to produce good lighting with lower energy use.
  • Install timers or motion sensors to shut off lights in rooms that are not in constant use throughout the work day.
  • Eliminate unnecessary car washing. For exterior cleaning use only plain water or prevent soapy water from entering a storm drain.
  • Check your water bill monthly to look for and investigate spikes in use that may indicate a leak in your plumbing.

Use Green Business checklist to select and record measures to conserve resources and prevent pollution.

 Some actions businesses take include:

  • buying only recycled-content paper and copying double-sided
  • cleaning with less toxic products
  • using efficient lighting systems to save energy
  • conserving water with low-flow toilets and faucet aerators
  • Government Regulation for filter and tire disposal

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