Motor Vehicle Inspections – Annuals

We perform these inspections on an annual basis for our clientele. Due to the comprehensive nature of these inspections we require that the vehicle be on site for the time needed to perform the inspection.  These inspections get scheduled as part of the preventative maintenance program – insuring no surprises at the last minute.

Vehicle Emissions Testing

We perform these inspections for small and large companies. While performing on site HD Emission tests it is preferred that, as many vehicles as possible are present.  This makes it quicker for our technicians to perform the tests.  These inspections are also part of our scheduling in your preventative maintenance program of your fleet – insuring no last minute emission failures.

Brake Adjustments – Inspections

We perform brake adjustments from our location. These are done based on the preventative maintenance schedule. We simply pick-up the vehicle, perform the inspection required and if in need of service we place a freeze on the vehicle until a go-ahead confirmation is received.

Authorization Policy

NO authorization, NO repair  – this policy is set to protect our technicians and your company.  This procedure is set prior to any work being performed by the technicians at North Keele Auto Truck and Car Centre and will be discussed as part of any initial discussions.

Recommendations for Service

Our technicians may discover problems that do not require immediate attention. These concerns will be explained to you, thereby allowing for an educated decision on how to proceed. Having our clients understand what we do provides for a better relationship.

Our Parts Department

North Keele Auto’s parts department is fully computerized letting us know when we are running low on a particular part thus enabling us to restock our parts more efficiently. This allows our technicians to get the job done on time. Using North Keele for all your repairs enables us to stock the basic wear and tear items for those particular vehicles for example brakes, batteries, plugs and belts etc.

We at North Keele Auto are able to provide our clients with their fleet repair information at the tip of their fingers. Just go to our web site and click on “My Car”, and enter your login ID and password. You then can select by VIN or Plate numbers to retrieve that vehicles repair history.

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